Thursday, March 27, 2014

Colour Therapy.

Sometimes you need to have fun. 
I was feeling down and knew I had to do something, so I did my own colour 
therapy. I started this project a while ago, but could not get further than the first two pages.

So what I did was to take out the brightest colours in my Distress stains and
Distress ink pads. Put them all in front of me and started inking my craft sheet.
Then I sprayed it with water and put the paper face down in the colour. 

Sometimes it needed a bit more spritzing, sometimes a bit more ink.
I did all six double pages and then left them out to dry.

After they were all dry, I coloured the white spots with 
water soluble crayons. So now the paper is ready for the next step. 
Don't ask me what the next step will be .....
maybe some stenciling, some stamping, some texture paste
 and then a bit of journaling.
 All these papers are folded in half, so 
I will be able to make a book out of them. 

I feel better and if this doesn't turn out to be the project of the year,
it doesn't matter, I had fun !

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Michelle's style.

Michelle has been a client and a friend for a long time and
she has her own unique style of doing things.
Here are a few of her latest cards, 
I just love them.

Here she used some wahi tape and a Tim Holtz
stencil with distress ink.

Again the Distress ink pad, applicator tool and a stencil,
gives an interesting background.

Two of Michelle's favorite tools are the 
paper edge distresser
and the stapler. 

She also has a saying that loosely translates into:
Do as you feel guided...... 

So girls, do as you feel guided this week and see what happens!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Turquoise polka dot clipboard.

This time I have to show you the "after" first.

This is the clipboard that I made for my niece that is a school teacher.
The only thing I still added was a little embellishment 
on the clip.  

I marked out the dots and then used the back of a pencil
which I dipped in the white paint, to create the dots.

This was the "before", after I stripped it from it's old self.
Most of the surface was covered with paper, but it came of easily. 
I then sanded the clipboard very lightly and started painting right away.

Now I want a clipboard with a clip on the side, so I can use it 
landscape wise. That is the way my monthly planner is printed.
Do I have a few customers for landscape clipboards?


Monday, March 10, 2014

The ideal gift for a teacher?

As most of you know I was a teacher for many years
and was also involved in the sport for the disabled,
so a clipboard was on of the things you could never 
leave behind on a sports day.

I also decorated a few clipboards during my serious scrapbooking days.
But now is the time to revamp them all!
Some of them had to be stripped, some of them had to be cleaned,
but I like the revamped look.

I painted this clipboard with Old White and then stenciled
on it with Coco. I also painted the metal clip.

To finish it off, I sealed it with clear wax and 
then did the "dark wax thing".

The colour combination for this board is Old Violet and Paloma. 
Hand painting over the the stencil with a tiny brush, gave it some more character.

Then as always, a little bit of sparkle had to be added.

The clipboard was sealed only with clear wax.

My niece is having her birthday soon and she is also 
a teacher. She will get a turquoise clipboard with white polka dots.
I would love to see her reaction....
I think any teacher would like a funky clip board.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Silver leafing on Paris grey.

Here is another small project that I did a few techniques on.
This little tub I had to sand a bit. There were a few spots that had a bit of old glue on it.
Then I glued on the embellishment and started painting.
My favorite colour...: Paris Grey.

The inside I painted with old White.
 I applied the silver leaf and then finished it off with
a coat of Dark wax. 

Know it holds all my colour samples. 

Keep crafting!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Polka dots on an old tin box.

This is a small tin box that I had for years!!
So when I started painting everything, this box was a victim.

I was in such a hurry that I did not take a 'before' shot.
But this is the 'after' and I think dots look super cool.
It really goes to show that you can paint on any surface.
If it is new tin, I would wash it in warm water with 
dish washing soap and a little vinegar before I start painting.
Take out "the stuff " and paint!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Stunning tekkies

One thing about the tekkies, you never know what the end result will look like.
That is always exciting.You get involved in the pair that you are creating and 
don't notice what is happening next to you. 
There are always a few "Wow, that beautiful !"

We also had a special guest Emma, who came with Ann and  
at first was very interested in what we did,

but later decided that it wasn't really her thing.

Then she retired to her private spot from where she could 
watch all of us.

Sussie all into turquoise, which she says she normally doesn't do... 

 Lorna going for green and Natalie for blue.

Annitta and Antonet halfway through it and relaxing a bit.

Lisa in deep concentration to get it right....

and she did! It looked stunning.

Thanks girls for a lovely morning. I think all your tekkies looked stunning!
Enjoy wearing them.