Monday, March 10, 2014

The ideal gift for a teacher?

As most of you know I was a teacher for many years
and was also involved in the sport for the disabled,
so a clipboard was on of the things you could never 
leave behind on a sports day.

I also decorated a few clipboards during my serious scrapbooking days.
But now is the time to revamp them all!
Some of them had to be stripped, some of them had to be cleaned,
but I like the revamped look.

I painted this clipboard with Old White and then stenciled
on it with Coco. I also painted the metal clip.

To finish it off, I sealed it with clear wax and 
then did the "dark wax thing".

The colour combination for this board is Old Violet and Paloma. 
Hand painting over the the stencil with a tiny brush, gave it some more character.

Then as always, a little bit of sparkle had to be added.

The clipboard was sealed only with clear wax.

My niece is having her birthday soon and she is also 
a teacher. She will get a turquoise clipboard with white polka dots.
I would love to see her reaction....
I think any teacher would like a funky clip board.

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