Monday, January 31, 2011

The Honey Factor[y]

My Honey decided a few years ago to start farming with bees. (that's besides his day job, the cattle he keeps on a farm and the earthworm "factory" at my back door)
So last week Thursday, it was time to harvest. He came back with this.

This was put in my laundry....... yes, were we normally do the .... laundry!

Bee farming mostly takes place during the night, because then the bees don't fly and they are all at 'home'. Harvesting also takes place at night.

OK, so this ended up in my LAUNDRY,
inside each box are ten frames, so 70 frames had to be processed. 
The process includes: Cutting the honey comb from the frame and putting it in a small container.
Or capping the honey comb and spinning the honey from the frame and then
bottle the honey after it rested a day or two.

We ended up with a 108 tubs of honeycomb and 40 bottles of honey and honeycomb.
All of this happened in my kitchen, which was verrrry sticky this morning.

The honey was sold today and all that are left are these that still needs to be filled.
My Honey was very tired today, because last night he worked until 12 o'clock.  
My kitchen has recovered (not fully) but,
my laundry is still a no go area for the washing, or me
 or the dog.....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Practising my skills

Hi everyone, sorry for being so quiet.
Sometimes, that is just how things go.  
Today I felt trigger happy.... or maybe I was practising my skills, or maybe it was because the sun was shining. We had so much rain and I don't really like taking photos when it is over casted.
Today I took the camera and started snapping everything. (But there were a lot of distractions.)
Natural light and my photography skills go together. (really well!)
I still had to take photos of some of our cards for the Valentine's day class. So here they are.

This card will be one of the five we will be making during the Valentine's Card class.
I used some beautiful lace and some foil paper.

Benice came up with the idea to embellish this envelope. The stamp is an old 
South African stamp and the pink ribbon is some legal tape.
Now you can just use an ordinary card to put inside.
Remember to leave some space to write the persons name.

Now let me show you the distractions!! Six of these were flying past at least 6 or 7 times today!

and then, 6 of these in formation at least 6 times, and three or four other different types of aircraft and a fighter jet that came over the house so low all my internal organs were shaking.
On this picture you can see a piece of the gutter from the roof of my house.
 Try to concentrate when all of this is happening!?

But it was a wonderful day, the sun was shining and the sky was blue.
Lots of love 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All for Love

For our upcoming Card Making Class we will be making 5 cards and one envelope.
Here are a few glimpses of some of the cards. 

We will do some stamping,


and die cutting.

oh.... the things we do for LoVe....

and now I have to do what I have been dreading for a few WEEKS..
Cleaning up my studio table!!
I think it will take me at least 3 hours.
Think of me...

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Dreaming is wonderful,
it is something I like doing, even at night.

 I was browsing the web today to find a quote I am looking for, but instead I found this one.
Oh, and I really like it.

 This year a few dreams will come true, and a few will get shattered, but still we must all keep on dreaming, or is it... wishing ?
Anyway enjoy every minute of it and then put in a huge effort to make it come true.

The quote I am looking for goes something like this:
Sometimes I get tired of being normal, but then I go back to being myself.
Does anyone know the correct words?
Please let me know.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Good things come to those who wait...

The meaning of time
To understand the meaning of one year -
Ask a student who has failed his exam
To understand the meaning of one month -
Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby
To understand the meaning of one week -
Ask the editor of a weekly magazine
To understand the meaning of one day -
Ask a daily wage labourer
To understand the meaning of one hour -
Ask a girl who is waiting for her boy
To understand the meaning of one minute -
Ask a person who has missed the train
To understand the meaning of one second -
Ask a person who has survived an accident
To understand the meaning of one milli-second -
Ask a sprinter who has won a silver medal in the Olympics 

During December 2010, the quote above (source unknown) became very real to me…  

Elna has already mentioned that Somerset Publications published five of my greeting cards  in the Winter 2011 issue of their “Take Ten” magazine - exactly a year after I had submitted them for one of their challenges.  What a way to end the year!!

I also found out just before Christmas that I needed to go in for a lung-biopsy after an MRI scan revealed possible cancer lesions on my lungs.  The biopsy took place on December 28th and I had to wait for ONLY two days to get the results – the longest 48 hours in  my life!? I am glad to report that the results came back negative!!

Even though I am still recuperating after the surgery, December 2010 has taught me that good things come to those who wait – be it for a year or for two days…

Wishing you a blessed year filled with memorable months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds...

Make the most of 2011!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is HuGE

When you are not a trained artist and card making is one of your passions... and then to be published in the Take Ten magazine from Stampington is HUGE!

Benice send in a few cards about a year ago and thought nothing came of it, then the surprise came!
 Three pages dedicated to the cards she made. 
I think she is still jumping up and down ...
Congratulations Benice!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A wonderful time

Our 2 weeks holiday at the seaside,
 (which I spend with my husband, our dog Vlooi and a few friends)
was quite busy but I enjoyed every minute. It was a fourteen hour drive to the coast, and it was Vlooi's first holiday with us. 
The weather was perfect!
Not everybody would agree on that one, but if the morning mist and rain kept you in bed until nine, 
you had no choice but to get some rest. Then there were days that were like champagne, with not even a hint of wind across the water.
Vlooi then enjoyed it like this ..... taking over my spot in the sun.
Then there were times that you had to take a nap and she would join you. 

Outside the weather would then look like this!!
This is the view from the deck, you are supposed to see the sea, but it was to misty and rainy. The region had a two year draught which was broken this December..... so the weather was... perfect!