Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A difficult decision

How do you stay positive? Do you block the negative? Do you ignore the negative, do you run away form it? There are so many ways to deal with it and sometimes you choose what's the best for you at that moment, but not necessary the best for the situation. Today I didn't had the energy to fight, so I chose to "ran". I also tried to protect someone, should I have done that? If to much stress, anxiety and fear is generated from "attacking and dealing" with the negative and and only good things can come from calmness and control, then I did the right thing. But maybe I will have the wisdom and strength (after I have slept on it) to tackle the negative tomorrow or next week when I might be in the same situation again. I think I will be...

But no better time to show you these cards!
These were made from a sheet of 12 tags, all 3"x4".
For the class on Saturday the 11th, you will make 4 cards in class
and take home 2 more that you can finish at home.
You will receive everything to complete all 6 cards.

The paper I used are from Fancy Pants and it is the
"its the little things" design.
Lots of earthy colours with a little bit of orange and pink.
To book for the class, just send me an email. I will send you all the detail.
Keep warm and remember to drink some water!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Polymer Clay - Laurie Mika style

Elna & I discovered the wonderful world of Polymer Clay a while ago, when we stumbled upon a book by Laurie Mika.

This was my first attempt!?
The canvas was covered with a paper serviette (napkin) and gel medium tinted with a few drops of ink.

The "roof" in the center of the work, has been covered with gold-leaf to give it a bit of class.
The center of the "house" was removed and some text paper displayed at the back.
Seedbeads were added to a strip of clay under the "exploration" quote.
The flower detail is a wrist watch slider from my bag of tricks.

We used rubber stamps to create the images on the clay, before rubbing pearl powder over it to bring the images to the fore...
Glass mosaic tiles in the corners and 3 more sliders at the top complete this work of art.

Our trip to France will include working with Polymer Clay extensively and we cannot wait  to join Dayle Doroshow and the rest of the guests in just over 3 weeks time!?

Wishing you a creative week!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cards made with Craft Paper

Voting day is over, I've got my visa for France and Switzerland,
our water soluble wax pastels are arriving from Switzerland and
I have bought some Zumbuck ointment for the people attending
 class with us in France.
 What more South-African than that can you get!
It's just the Rooibos tea that's missing....
We are so excited about our trip, and the reality
of it all is setting in.
But work has still to be done.
  The class kits for tomorrow has been packed,
Benice said that the Red Velvet and Granadilla cupcakes are waiting,
so now I can quickly publish the cards.

Here you make the envelope from scratch and on the small card that fits inside,
you can do some stamping to finish it off. The rosette is made with a Tim Holtz die.

To cut the 90° corner out of this flag card: Get the middle of the card. Draw a pencil line
along the middle, take any piece of paper put the corner of the paper on the line and
 match up the edges of the paper. Trace and cut out.
(Ghee! it is hard to explain!) Hope you get it!?! 
There is an extra piece of paper inside, don't stick it down, so you can
write on either side.
Place your embellishments, even over the opening.

This is the matchbook card. Made exactly like a matchbook.
You need to put in an extra piece of paper so you can write your message on it. 

Then the plain and simple card. Embellished with a flower and a ribbon. Make a
little slider that acts as a lock. On that piece of paper, you can put your sentiment.
Well, I think some words and explanations escaped me today,
(and the spell checker isn't working!!)
 but analyse the cards carefully and you will be fine in copying them.

Something you can do while the men are watching rugby!
Keep well.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Recipe for only TWO cupcakes

With winter approaching, I find myself spending more & more time indoors, visiting some of my favourite blogs and websites...

While browsing Craft Gossip, I stumbled upon an entry on "How to bake just two cupcakes" (May, 5th 2011) in the "Edible Crafts" section.

Now that sounds like a great idea for when Elna visits and we need something to enjoy with our tea while "cooking" up lessons and kits for future classes!?

Go check out the original recipe on "How Sweet It Is"
and then read how you can convert it into a chocolate version on "A Cup Full of Cake.

Thank you for visiting.

PS - The first photo was taken by my DH and the second is from my personal library.  I did not know if I could use the photos from the blogs mentioned above?!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day

To all WOMEN
Happy Mothers' Day

This photo was taken of me and my mom in 1961.
She passed away 3 years later.
How I wish she could be here today...

May your day be filled with love, laughter and above all ... JOY!!

PS - If you need to make a last minute card, go to Rhonna Farrer's website - she has the most adorable card (and banner) to download as a freebie...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a little ice resin

Ice Resin sounds cold but it is HOT!
I couldn't choose which one of the three pieces I wanted to show you first!
Well here they are....
Benice has been very creative, making some lovely jewelry
pieces on the side, using Ice Resin and experimenting with it.
This is a very special piece she made for herself.
(I believe it is the "Two days after pay day" version!)

She made up the three strands, using lots of pearls
and Swarofski Crystals, seed beads and
metal elements .

She also ordered some Frozen Charlottes from Karla's Cottage a while ago and here you can see how she incorporated it into this piece.

Inside this bezel she made a little collage with lace,
text and an image from a greeting card and then filled it with Ice Resin.
This metal piece is actually floating in the resin and it looks stunning.
Thanks for visiting...!