Thursday, September 18, 2014

Small Art Journal

For this small art journal, these are the products I used.
Not on the photograph is a small water mister and the Glimmer Mists.

The paper I chose to work on was 200gsm Water Colour Paper.

Add some scrapbook paper and card stock and you are all set.

These two pages was coloured by using the distress inks.

Here I used the Distress paint to colour the paper. Then a mask
and some glimmer mist to create the pattern.

Colour the paper with Distress stains.
For the next layer use stencils and Distress inks.
Apply the Distress inks with an applicator tool. 

Colour the paper with Distress stains and use 
some stickles on the heart.

Colour the stamped image with the Distress markers and the water pen.

I used the inked up stencil, sprayed it with a little water 
and placed it face down on the paper to get this effect.

Doodle around the edges and create your own patterns
by working with the paint splatters that you have on the paper.

Here again I "go with the flow" with my Doodling.

On the last page, I created a few simple Doodling patterns. 

Stick the piece of paper down and use it as a reference.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mixed media canvas

This was the last class we did and as usual
I post the tutorial after the class.


box canvas
paint brush
baby wipes
heart doily
gel medium
tissue paper
canvas paper 
water colour paper
heart die
heart embossing folder
chipboard word
Mono multi glue
water pen
Archival ink pad

Paint the canvas with a layer of gesso and let it dry
Decide on colours for your project and paint the canvas.
While the paint is still a bit wet, wipe off some of the paint 
with your baby wipe. Let it dry.

Tear the tissue paper after you have decided which section to 
use. Place all the elements on the canvas and do your layout.
Use gel medium and glue down your tissue paper and let it dry.

Glue the doily into the canvas with gel medium.

Make your heart element. 
Use gel medium and glue the canvas paper and the 
water colour paper together. While it is still damp, put it through 
the die cutting machine and the embossing folder.
Leave to dry.

I made two hearts and then decided on the pink and white one.
Use your applicator tool to deepen your colours on the canvas
and to colour the heart.
Place washi tape strips on the canvas to fill some of the empty spaces.

Paint the word with distress paint and let it dry.
Turn the word over and apply little dots of Mono Multi Glue.
Let the glue dry before you place the word on the canvas.

Take the Distress markers and draw shadows in and around the doily.
Use a water pen to soften the effect.

Stamp around the edges with a stamp and Archival ink.
Sew a little charm to the heart.
Place the heart on 3D foam squares and adhere to the canvas.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.
Keep well!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Art Journal Cover


This is the cover of the art journal.
I found the letters for the cover in my stash. 
I made them years ago for another project 
and never used them. The colours and the theme matched, 
so.... I  used the word!

For the cover I used:
chip board
tissue paper
gel medium
distress markers
grunge board elements
rub ons

 I finished the journal by binding it with my Zutter.

The colours of the cover are happy colours.
That was what my intention was with this journal.
A bit of colour therapy.

It is like a pair of new shoes, you need to look at them.
This is half the pleasure!
So I displayed the journal in my studio so I can look at it.

Have a good weekend.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Colour Therapy III. Art journal

Through the whole process of creating this journal
I learned a lot and I enjoyed it a lot.
I handled the papers a million times and thought
maybe I should do it differently.
But then I stuck to my rule of: No RULES.

The next step is to journal in your own handwriting.
That needs a bit of practice, but I will definitely get there.
Between the other projects on my table and the ones in my head,
I am working on the cover of the journal. 
It is tissue paper, gesso, texture paste,
paint and more.

For the next class in August, 
we will be using mixed media on a canvas.
Hope you can join us.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Colour Therapy II

A few more photos of the pages that belongs 
to my colour therapy art journal.
The quote on the first page is so true, I love it!

As always a bit of glitter here and there.

The black ink was to harsh, so I over stamped with white ink.

I used some kind of mica flakes (to leave a little sparkle) 
and adhered it with Glossy Accents. 

Orange, Pink and Yellow!
What more do you need to get you going?

Friday, July 4, 2014

No Rules

As part of my Colour therapy, I decided to have no rules
while doing this project.
Rules gives us direction, but it can also
be very limiting. 
I have no formal art training so I kept my ears and 
eyes open when reading articles as I started on my journey
of paper crafting. 

So on these pages my only guideline was to keep it colourful,
If you look closely, you will see a lot of techniques.
It doesn't really matter what you do, the main thing is you 
need to enjoy the whole process.

I printed a lot of  my favorite quotes, cut the words out and
pasted it where ever I felt like.

I used stamps and stencils and inks.
Glitter, (as always) in many forms and ways.
Pens and sprays.
Everything that made me feel good and that looked good!

I chose water colour paper for the pages, because it can take a 
lot of beating and still survive.
Some places the colour from the back side came through, 
then I worked with it or around it,
but as I said, no rules.

This is a form of Art Journaling. Have a look at this website 
to see the professionals do it.

Try this yourself and use all your "stuff "and techniques.
It is relaxing. It is therapy! Create with no rules.

I will post more pages and show you how I will 
transform these pages into a book.
Maybe sew it, or bind it.....
don't know yet.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tekkie Classes

The winter holidays are upon us and it is time for two Tekkie classes.

5 July 2014
09:30 - 12:30 
8 July 2014
09:30 - 12:30

Please bring your own pair of Cotton Canvas 
Tekkies and an apron.

To book for class email me:

Keep warm!