Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting ready for the tekkie class

There are water buckets, paint brushes, paint, gel medium,
stamps, water spray bottles and lots of other stuff on my studio table.

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning the studio. Today, I spent the day 
getting everything ready for the class on Saturday.

That included getting the samples ready of the Distress paints
 I want to use instead of the normal acrylic paints and sealing them with
gel medium to see if they are water resistant.
Two of them were not!
It was the first two that I bought a couple of years ago.
Terracotta and Lettuce.
The others are fine and didn't react to the gel medium being painted over them.

All I still need, is a couple of plastic sheets to cover the tables
and then I am ready for the class.
Keep well !

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Polka dots for Valentines.

Herannies is a craft shop in Centurion.
You never walk out of the shop empty handed.
Karin gave these hearts to me and said that I should see what I can do with them.
So they were on my table for a while and today 
I finished them.

They fit in perfectly with the whole grey and white look of the studio.

Of course they are painted with my new favorite paint and
the dots made with the back of a pencil, dipped into the old white paint.

Finished off with a coat of clear wax and they were ready to hang.
Happy Valentines!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Live with your Hart and Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint

This was the project for Saturdays class.
We started by gluing down the letters and the small hart.

When that was dry, we painted it a coat of white paint.
One coat is enough, because you will paint a top coat in
a colour of your choice.

Let the paint dry before you start with the next coat.

(Ok, I missed a few photos  in between....)

Paint the hart the colour of your choice and see that you have all the 
nooks and crannies covered.
After the paint has dried, it is time to apply your wax.
Always the clear wax first. Remember you don't want to see 
patches of wax, so take your mutton cloth and rub it evenly 
over the whole piece.
After the wax has settled and dried, you can sand down 
the top layer of paint is certain places so that the piece 
has a natural worn look.

Finish off with a mixture of light and dark wax.
The results are stunning.

The next class will be on the 1st of March.
At Sweet Scrappins.
To book your class phone: 012 329 9175.