Monday, March 3, 2014

Stunning tekkies

One thing about the tekkies, you never know what the end result will look like.
That is always exciting.You get involved in the pair that you are creating and 
don't notice what is happening next to you. 
There are always a few "Wow, that beautiful !"

We also had a special guest Emma, who came with Ann and  
at first was very interested in what we did,

but later decided that it wasn't really her thing.

Then she retired to her private spot from where she could 
watch all of us.

Sussie all into turquoise, which she says she normally doesn't do... 

 Lorna going for green and Natalie for blue.

Annitta and Antonet halfway through it and relaxing a bit.

Lisa in deep concentration to get it right....

and she did! It looked stunning.

Thanks girls for a lovely morning. I think all your tekkies looked stunning!
Enjoy wearing them.

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