Monday, October 29, 2012

Note Pads made with Washi Tape

These are quick, easy and not expensive,
but very useful little gifts for Christmas.

Make your own Washi tape out of crinkle paper,
tissue paper, napkins/serviettes,
or tissue wrap paper from Tim Holtz.
Cut some craft card stock for your cover,
a little bit bigger thanyour notepad.
Score and fold on the right places.
Adhere the note pad to the cover with some double sided tape.
Apply your washi tape while holding your cover closed.
Start on the front and end at the back by just tearing it off.
Secure the top and the bottom of your cover
with an extra piece of washi tape,
just to help with the wear and tear.

There you go...!
All done

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Washi Tape - Learn More

You cannot open a craft magazine, read a craft blog or go into a craft store,
without being confronted with Washi Tape

There are literally hundreds of sizes, colours, designs,
brands and finishes to choose from.

Crafters, mixed media artists and the like,
love using them for a variety of reasons:
They are super thin;
Tear easily;
They have a translucent property which allows
for some of the colour below to show through; and
They can be dyed, stamped onto, written onto, crumpled, etc.

We are teaching a class on how to create your own Washi Tape
and how to use it to create lovely Christmas gifts on October 27th, 2012.

For more info go to our other blog - 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Turning 90

It made me feel good today, that I could inspire someone else,
although I didn't feel like having any inspiration myself.  
It was card making day for Marie and me.
Her card is for someone that is getting engaged,
and mine is for my mother in law who is turning 90 tomorrow.
We took out some paper, flowers, ribbon and tools.
Both of us used the same elements.
She went for detail and layering
  my card was more plain and simple.
Benice arrived and added the little heart charm to
Marie's card to finish it off.
We discussed life, laughed a lot and had a few cups of tea. 
Thanks girls, I love you!