Monday, June 8, 2015

What a journey

125 more views and we will have 80 000 views
What a highlight!!

Thank you 
Thank you 
and one more humble
Thank you !

This is now five years and 320 posts later.
Benice and I really enjoyed our journey.
We learned, laughed, cried, painted, planned
and packed a lot.
And we stitched a few things together.

Things change and life moves in different directions
so today will be my last post on this blog.

Benice will still be creating, sewing and writing

I will still be blogging, sharing, teaching and creating.
So now I want to introduce you to my new blog.

As with many things, the grey ladder has a story.
My Grandfather made this ladder over 90 years ago.
He made it out of Bamboo and wood.
He used it a lot and when he passed away it was
 left unused and in storage for a long time.
When we built my studio I knew I wanted this ladder
to hang from the roof.
So now it is in its new place and every one that visits the studio
notices it. So what better name for my studio than
The Grey Ladder.

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There are many things we shared with you
over the past 5 years, please browse through
the blog and enjoy.

Keep well.