Friday, March 11, 2011

Decoupage on Canvas Sneakers.

At last!!
My studio is again neat and ready for a new project.
After Hobby-Ex my studio looked like an explosion in a haberdashery store. 

Today is our Blog-aversary! We are one year old!
So this is a gift for you, something many of you have been waiting for.

The Tekkie
(Canvas Shoe, Sneaker) Tutorial
You will need:
a pair of white cotton canvas shoes
hot strong coffee
diluted paint
water spray bottle
craft paint
paint brush golden long synthetic hair 
plastic dropper
serviette (paper napkin) picture
gel medium
foam stamps
rubber stamps
archival ink
glue for diamante
fabric liner 

  1. Drop hot coffee in certain spots on the tekkie.
  2. Let it dry. (hairdryer)
  3. Spray the places you want to cover with craft paint with a bit of water mist.
  4. Drop some diluted paint on an area and let it flow, spray more water if needed.
  5. Let it dry.
  6. Cut the pictures from the serviette. 
  7. Remove the 2 or 3 back layers.
  8. Do your layout on the tekkie.
  9. With enough gel on the brush, start from the inside of the picture and work to the outside.
  10. Go over the same area a few times until the gel has gone through the paper and onto the canvas.
  11. If you see baubles, there is air underneath the paper. Spray a little water and rework the area.
  12. Let it dry.
  13. You are now ready for foam stamping with acrylic paint.
  14. When that is dry, you can do some rubber stamping.
  15. Finish the project off with some rabric liners and some diamante.
  16. Replace the laces with ribbon that matches your colour sceme.
  17. Spray with Scotchgaurd or paint with Dala Waterproofing Medium.
  18. Clean with a damp sponge.
Also for the anniversary, we deceided to give away an apron to alter.
All you have to do is to leave a comment on the blog
about what you think you will do with your apron to Zush it up.
We will use the random number selector to choose the winning number.



  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial. I am going to NZ next month to visit my family and want to do these tekkies with my granddaughters, but will do a pair here first. As for the apron, my son is quite a cook and turns out really lovely meals, so maybe I would alter this for him. Thanks to you both for your inspiration.

  2. These are lovely. I've learnt something since attending the class last week. Thanks and yes, I'd love to win the apron too! ;)

  3. I would love to win this apron as I have only ever done painting on fabric, but none of the other media that you use, like the stamping which sounds very exciting. I would cover it with everything "butterfly" and bling their wings with lots of diamante.

  4. Ai,Elna and Benice your hearts is still in the right place. Art is after all about sharing your knowledge! I thank you for that. this is an opportunity to have one of a kind pair of tekkies as well as apron!

  5. geluk met jul blog verjaarsdag !! mag daar nog vele meer wees!

  6. Ai julle twee Crafters! Once a Crafter...ALWAYS a Crafter! Julle deel sulke mooi dinge dinge met ons, om ons altyd net te inspireer Baie dankie daarvoor! Wat die voorskoot betref ....sal defnitief vir Elmie in London wees Haar mamma mis haar geweldig en dis altyd lekker om iets spesiaal vir haar te gee of te maak vir die groot mis....veral as die trane so vlak lê Baie geluk met julle verjaarsdag,Julle bly wenners! xxxxx