Friday, February 10, 2012

A romantic wedding in Africa

Recently we spent time with friends at Zebula.
Zebula is famous for a lot of things, and especially their elephants.
One afternoon just before sunset, there was a commotion outside our house.
An elephant parade was passing by! So we followed in a distance.
They stopped, the handlers watered the elephants down,
gave them something to eat and they waited a bit. Some saddles were rearranged
and in a distance a few golf carts appeared.

It was a bride and some bridesmaids. The barefoot bride mounted one
of the elephants and when all was set, they started moving. 

The five young elephants escorting the bride to the ceremony was a wonderful site.
I could just imagine the faces of the groom and the guests as she arrived.
The next afternoon it started raining. Because we had a wonderful view,
we could see the the clouds coming closer and thunder storms exploding in the distance. The lightning did start a veld fire.
It burned for a few hours and then the rain doused the fire.
There is nothing like the smell of the earth after such a rain storm.
I hoped the bride and the groom stayed for a few days. This is such a beautiful place.
We spent a few relaxing days, enjoyed stunning sunsets,
wonderful animal and bird life and as a bonus
we saw a bride arriving on an elephant.


  1. Oh wow... how amazing I love Zebula. We were there last year and got to play with the tiger cubs... also got some fab photos :D

  2. Wow, this was our wedding!! Lovely photos!
    Our dutch guests were blown away by THE elephants, it was à suprise. Love Zebula, weve come here many times, THE most friendly people in the world!

    1. Wow! How did you find this?
      We hope you had an amazing day...