Thursday, September 15, 2011

Into Bracelets

Two weeks ago we heard that we could join a private jewellery exhibition/market....
WOW, did we have to spark!!
Designing new bracelets, dyeing the silk, selecting the colours... etc.. etc
One day left and we are nearly ready.

Here are a few of the designs in four colours.
We hope that it will be a hit, but one thing I can say.. verrry objectivly...


Dig out the beads and get creative. Use the space you have and enjoy it.
Benice and I both went through a difficult time the last two weeks and
I think the bracelects saved us both from mini insanity, both our studio's are in beading chaos,
but at least we are surviving and you can always clean up the mess afterwards.


  1. Good luck for the exhibition these are stunning. Thanks so much for the tekkie tutorial I did find it but have not tried it yet, will let you know if i get adventurous!

  2. Lovin these!!!! they are really stunning! : ) hugs from your newest member!