Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Winnie the Pooh birthday cake.

On Sunday we celebrated Marocé 's first birthday
When it was her birthday on the 29th of March, her Grandma and Grandpa were out of town.
( Grandma running the Two Oceans Marathon! )
Great Grandpa immobilized after an eye operation and Great Grandma
taking care of him.
So Sunday was our first time together with everyone back in town and fit enough to travel.
A friend baked and decorated the cake.
It was absolutely STUNNING!
I saw a Winnie the Pooh cake on Pinterest and knew we had to have one for her birthday!
There were toadstools and snails, butterflies and lady birds, flowers and bees.
The cake was just perfect. I got the cake on Friday and had to keep it a secret,
because it was a surprise to the mom and dad and of course Marocé,
But I took lots of photographs.
I think the cake ..... and of course Marocé was the hit of the day!
Thank you Albertha!
(yes, there are photos of the baby and the cake.... but I don't have any.
I was to busy organizing everything and everybody!!
I will see if I can later post one of the birthday girl)

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