Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Magic of Cotton Canvas Sneekers.

As I said before, this class is magic.
I think we must have this as a standard class
every two months.
On Saturday Nicolette, Else, Marlene,
Michelle and Marlene had great fun.
These tiny, tiny baby tekkies were gorgeous!
Decorated with Beatrix Potter pictures, everyone
wanted to have them and they were the hit of the day.
The music notes were popular and as you can see,
most of the girls used them.
Using a black and white serviette can also be very effective.
This can be combined with a little bit of gold and silver paint
for extra interest.

To colour the shoe laces, I sprayed each pair with some water and then
sprayed the Sun paint onto the laces.
By squeezing the paint into the laces, you use less paint and
your drying time is much shorter.
A contrast colour for the laces looks stunning...... 
But as you can see, the same colour also is a perfect match!
The next class ia a Recipe Book at Sweet Scrappins.
Thanks for visiting!

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