Friday, June 5, 2015

Fabric Collage Book Covers

Last week Thursday we made book covers.
I send the girls an image of what my book cover looked like
and for the class they also brought along small elements
that they wanted to use on their fabric collage.

This collage cover was made by Kim.
I like the way that she embroidered over the 
"Handmade by" sign. 

This one  was made by Esther.
Look at the small pin and the beads that she used
and the lace to cover the top.

This one was made by Gail. She will use the green dotted fabric
to make the cover of the book and then use this collage as the the front cover.
We all enjoyed the class.
Thanks Girls!

Tomorrow is our Market Day.
This is the link to the Facebook page.

You are welcome to join us!