Thursday, April 18, 2013

Afrikaans Words for Stamping

Hi everyone
My home language is Afrikaans. My second language is English.
You all know I love card making. Whenever we make cards we want
to give to our friends and family, we have to make do with
English wording on the cards, or computer printed
words in Afrikaans. BUT last week I met two brave girls
who decided to create their own stamp range with
beautiful words from the heart, in Afrikaans!
They know that they have a limited market for these stamps,
but went ahead anyway. I know there is a huge need for these stamps.
When I got home after the launch, I wanted to make cards and put these
words on the cards!! But I had a mental block.

My clients has been asking me for smaller cards.
Ones that they can easily post, but I
love working on 15cm x 15cm cards. So, I was stuck for a while.
 I then did what I normally do with patterned paper, but just on 7,5cm x 7,5cm.
So this was the result.
 After that I played around for a while with the words and some other stamps
to create these cards. It felt so good to do some plain and simple
stamping after so long. Smooth, white, semi coated 200g paper is ideal for stamping.
When you have decided on a design that works for you,
you can make lots and lots of these small cards to keep, or give away as a set.
The supplies I used for the feather card.
White card stock
Polymer stamps
Acrylic block
Archival ink (any colour)
Stamp cleaner
Wet sponge
Thank you Debbie and Mandi!!
I think you both did great.
I am very grateful.
( the stamps are available from me at R170.00 )

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