Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Food at Chateau Dumas

We were treated like royalty during our stay at the Chateau Dumas with Kaari and the team from French General.

Charlotte is a chef from the UK and she made sure that we never wanted to miss a meal, not even two hours after an indulgent High Tea!!

We were fortunate to join her a few times on her visits to the local peasant (farmer) markets.

She would spoil us with the freshest ingredients

in super delicious salads and starters.

For our last dinner we even had Duck Confit that was simply to die for.

After one of our outings we were treated to a very hands-on masterclass on how to make walnut wine and french mustard, to name but a few.
How cool is that??

Elna, Lizette and I are still battling to get rid of all the extra weight we put on during our week with Lizzy, Charlotte, Christopher and the rest of the gang at the Chateau Dumas.

If this sounds like your kind of "happiness", go check out the Chateau's website for a complete list of workshops they offer.

Also go to the French General website and check for the 2013 Chateau Getaway dates due to be published very soon.

Thank you for visiting!


  1. Elna and Benice....I've loved reading your blog post about the week at the chateau and also your previous week in France which I wasn't aware of before...... enjoyed your beautiful photos as well......Sending best wishes to you both and also Lizette from Southern California......Kick

    1. Thanks Kick!
      We had such a great time with you and your "gang".
      Take care and we hope we will see you back in France one day...