Friday, August 17, 2012

Ice Resin and French Beaded Flowers

During our stay in France at the Chateau, two classes
A bracelet using Ice Resin and a crworn decorated with French beaded flowers.

Seeing a package like this waiting for you at your spot in the studio was very exciting.
Inside were all the treasures to make the beaded crown and the bracelet.

I really thought that I would not be able to make the crown, or even a flower,
but I started and I enjoyed every moment.
These pictures were taken of the one Debbie made....
mine is still in progress.

Lizette spent an extra few hours in the studio, and she finished hers!
I am so jealous.... but instead, I got to do her woading!!

All our bracelets turned out beautiful.
I think it was somewhere during the bracelet making process that I was completely blinged!!

"BLINGED": when an addiction starts,
on anything that sparkles
and shines when the light reflects on it.

I think from the smiles you can see that
I was not the only one blinged beyond return!

Go check out Debbie & Shea's blog for even more Bling Inspiration...

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