Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crafts in Mozambique

During our visit to Mozambique I was amazed at the beautiful crafts.

At Barra Lodge we found Alex. He is the Land Cruiser guy.
These are about 20" long (about 45cm) with doors that can open,
wheels that turn and the little logo in front.

In Tofu where we stayed, I liked Enok's Zimbabwean refugees,
the school scene and the market place

Just look at the detail and the colours.
The clothes for sale, the bananas, pineapples,
paw paws and the fish.

The bags of sugar, the Omo washing powder and the packet with biscuits.

He also told me that his brother makes these batik pictures.
They were nicely displayed so that the light could shine through
then and the colours show off better.

In Inhambane there was a man that made these Coconut radios.
And it works! It opens up at the back and it works with a battery.
The  aerial comes out and the small red light shines brightly to show that it is working.
The knobs on the right hand side are for the volume and to find the station.
So very clever!

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