Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hat-Making factories in France

We visited two hat-making factories as part of our French General week at Chateau Dumas.
Both are situated in the village of Septfonds.

The first is actually no longer functioning, but the owner, Guy, has a treasure trove of millinery supplies for sale.  He is, however, not very keen to part with it - which makes for some very interesting bargaining when you want to pay him!?

This is a bundle of straw hats in one of his sheds -
still waiting to be shipped (I think).

Our second stop was at a hat-making factory still in operation -
Chapeau Willy's.

I was fascinated by all the equipment used in the millinery industry.

Even though I "don't do hats", I am very tempted to attend one of the hat-making workshops at Chateau Dumas.

Thank you for visiting!

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