Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Soldered Dream Bottles

I think all of us, sometimes find it hard to cope.
We all have our worries and our fears, but sometimes
something hits you. It hits you so hard that you cannot
breathe and you know you haven't planned for it.
 It wasn't part of your dreams, it wasn't even part of your fears.
Then you need to slowly start making sense of it. 
Sometimes it will never make sense. But we all have to move on and
let go........
Here are the dream bottles we created. I think we should all
have a few of them, or give them as a thank you gift, to someone that
keeps your dreams alive.
 We must have used all our favourite stuff to decorate these bottles.
Bling and solder, buttons and seam binding.
Flowers and beads and a whole lot of special goodies.
Then these gift voucher envelopes. These were created so you can reuse
all the goodies on top of the envelope.
Seam binding, tags, flowers and stuff.
To all of us ....
.... keep calm and keep breathing....

1 comment:

  1. Elna - your post has touched me! The bottles are stunning. Debbie xx