Monday, May 9, 2011

Recipe for only TWO cupcakes

With winter approaching, I find myself spending more & more time indoors, visiting some of my favourite blogs and websites...

While browsing Craft Gossip, I stumbled upon an entry on "How to bake just two cupcakes" (May, 5th 2011) in the "Edible Crafts" section.

Now that sounds like a great idea for when Elna visits and we need something to enjoy with our tea while "cooking" up lessons and kits for future classes!?

Go check out the original recipe on "How Sweet It Is"
and then read how you can convert it into a chocolate version on "A Cup Full of Cake.

Thank you for visiting.

PS - The first photo was taken by my DH and the second is from my personal library.  I did not know if I could use the photos from the blogs mentioned above?!

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