Friday, May 20, 2011

Cards made with Craft Paper

Voting day is over, I've got my visa for France and Switzerland,
our water soluble wax pastels are arriving from Switzerland and
I have bought some Zumbuck ointment for the people attending
 class with us in France.
 What more South-African than that can you get!
It's just the Rooibos tea that's missing....
We are so excited about our trip, and the reality
of it all is setting in.
But work has still to be done.
  The class kits for tomorrow has been packed,
Benice said that the Red Velvet and Granadilla cupcakes are waiting,
so now I can quickly publish the cards.

Here you make the envelope from scratch and on the small card that fits inside,
you can do some stamping to finish it off. The rosette is made with a Tim Holtz die.

To cut the 90° corner out of this flag card: Get the middle of the card. Draw a pencil line
along the middle, take any piece of paper put the corner of the paper on the line and
 match up the edges of the paper. Trace and cut out.
(Ghee! it is hard to explain!) Hope you get it!?! 
There is an extra piece of paper inside, don't stick it down, so you can
write on either side.
Place your embellishments, even over the opening.

This is the matchbook card. Made exactly like a matchbook.
You need to put in an extra piece of paper so you can write your message on it. 

Then the plain and simple card. Embellished with a flower and a ribbon. Make a
little slider that acts as a lock. On that piece of paper, you can put your sentiment.
Well, I think some words and explanations escaped me today,
(and the spell checker isn't working!!)
 but analyse the cards carefully and you will be fine in copying them.

Something you can do while the men are watching rugby!
Keep well.

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