Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A difficult decision

How do you stay positive? Do you block the negative? Do you ignore the negative, do you run away form it? There are so many ways to deal with it and sometimes you choose what's the best for you at that moment, but not necessary the best for the situation. Today I didn't had the energy to fight, so I chose to "ran". I also tried to protect someone, should I have done that? If to much stress, anxiety and fear is generated from "attacking and dealing" with the negative and and only good things can come from calmness and control, then I did the right thing. But maybe I will have the wisdom and strength (after I have slept on it) to tackle the negative tomorrow or next week when I might be in the same situation again. I think I will be...

But no better time to show you these cards!
These were made from a sheet of 12 tags, all 3"x4".
For the class on Saturday the 11th, you will make 4 cards in class
and take home 2 more that you can finish at home.
You will receive everything to complete all 6 cards.

The paper I used are from Fancy Pants and it is the
"its the little things" design.
Lots of earthy colours with a little bit of orange and pink.
To book for the class, just send me an email. I will send you all the detail.
Keep warm and remember to drink some water!

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