Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soul Sisters Project

Elna & I presented a mixed media project for the Gauteng branch of Soul Sisters over the last couple of weeks...

Our inspiration came from Lisa Pace's book "Delight in the Details" and the students just loved their completed works of art!!

This is what the final product looked like.  There were also additional kits available for purchase in five different colour-combinations...

We had  a wonderful time and cannot wait to present our next class in July / August!?


  1. Those are just lovely! :)

    That Soul Sisters club sounds like fun.

  2. So fun to stumble upon this blog post. I am so glad you found inspiration in my book Delight In The Details. Your projects are adorable.


    1. Dear Lisa
      Your book has provided us with many ideas and inspiration. I am waiting for your latest book "Delight in the Seasons" to be delivered soon...
      Creative greetings from South Africa