Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Renovation Therapy

 Elna and her hubby are busy with renovations, which include a lot of  digging, hammering, welding, concrete, dust and unorganised chaos!!
We are in a very busy part of our creative calendar and knee deep in designing projects for the Bead Book, finalising Elna's project & kits for next week's Hobby-X (see picture above), sourcing products for our two Soul Sisters projects to be presented in July (85 of everything needed!?), experimenting with Ice Resin and constructing a "Brag Board" to display our works of art...

The last thing Elna needed was to be "locked up" in her home in the middle of summer, with all the windows closed (to keep the dust out), 15 strangers in her yard and enough noise to drive her into a new blood-group.

When I visited her on Monday she was in a complete "flat spin" - South African for "having your knickers in a knot" and not her CCC (cool, calm & collected) self !?
The solution - Cupcakes and Tea of course!!
Yesterday I visited again, but this time I came bearing gifts...

... yummy cupcakes to make all of her troubles go away for at least the five minutes it took us to finish them off...  I did not make these myself, but you should know that they tasted even better than they looked!?

Thank you for visiting.

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  1. I want a friend like you...LOL These cupcakes look delicious. I am sure you girls really enjoyed 'polishing' them off... no crumbs left?? LOL