Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My White Picket Fence

I have always wanted a picket fence.......

To display our cards at a new venue where we will be teaching, we had to create a display board.
 So this is what happened...

I really had to stop myself at some point not to over decorate it.
I was enjoying myself immensely!Because it's purpose is to display,
I could not go overboard and had to keep in mind what it is that we
want to display. Anything from cards to mixed media.
Very soon the aprons, bunting and bags will be hanging from the picket fence.
What I also still want to put on, are a few doorknobs
 and maybe a place for our business cards.

Firstly I had to do a bit of sanding, then painting and then the long
prosess to find the right "stuff."Things I considerd was,
gaffer tape, handles, rub-ons, elastic, leather strips and much more.
But there had to be washing pegs.

These are not your normal washing pegs, and they are just the right size. 

 Then a little bit of stamping and bling.

 and ...... a cuff for each of the two side planks.
Bias binding, lace, ribbon, flowers and bling!

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