Sunday, February 27, 2011

Memories of a Princess - A Closer Look

In my post of 2 December 2010, I promised to give more info on my "Memories of a Princess" pendant once the next issue of theBeadBook has hit the stands...  

I love tins, especially ones with teeny tiny sweets inside!?  Having built up quite a collection of these “gems” over time, I’ve decided it was time to see how I could give them some purpose.

Sand the tin allover and choose papers to cover (some of) the back, sides and front.  I've used gel medium to adhere the papers and added some pearlised ink to give them a shiny finish.

For the front I chose an image from ARTchix Studio, added a crown charm...

... some bling, a paper flower and rubber-stamped "Memories" to complete the picture.
(You can also go to Etsy and search for digital images to purchase on-line)

The dangles are from earrings that I'm allergic to!?  They are attached to a very short length of chain and attached to the tin with brads from my paper-craft stash!!

With a bit of patience you should be able to slide the top of the tin off to remove the inside “thingy”.  You can now fill the inside of the tin with a mini album of photos, a love letter, favourite quote(s), or whatever has special meaning to you...

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  1. Awww...this is so gorgeous and cute! You've decorated it SO lovely...
    I found your blog on in2crafts.

    Where do you buy those little containers? And where do you find that pearlized ink? It's lovely.

  2. That really is lovely! I have a few small tins, I think I may have to dig them out after seeing this!

  3. What an adorable idea!! I won a necklace months ago that has the clasp to change out pendents and this would be perfect for it!!