Friday, January 17, 2014

Le Bleu, my blue garden chair.

My old, new chair.... yes, this chair is probably as old as me..
Ok, maybe a bit younger, but it belonged to my grandmother!

I repainted this chair when we got back from holiday.
I could not wait to start painting.
Normally the Annie Sloan look is an aged look, 
but I wanted this chair to stand out and be bright.
Before I painted the metal part of the chair it had to be sanded it a bit.
Not to much. 
Then two coats of Pure White on the metal and two coats of 
Greek Blue on the wood.
I sealed it with a layer of Clear Wax and it was ready to go !
(before I started, the metal was beige and the wooden slats were brown)

I feel like I will be busy for life.. all the pine furniture in my house will be painted.
If you come and visit, and you look like pine or stand still for to long...
you will be painted too!!  

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