Monday, January 7, 2013

Do things that makes you happy

The year is a few days old and slowly everything is getting back into rhythm.
The paper recycling every two weeks, the garden guy once a week,
doing the laundry, going for a haircut.....
But there is one thing that I would like you all to take to heart, 
take care of yourself.
During the holiday I had time (and my friends had time ) to catch up on
what happened since we last saw each other.  
For most of us it seemed that 2012 was difficult,
not just difficult, but very difficult.
But we all survived!
So do things this year that will make you happy,
things that will help you cope.
Create something!
Read something! Bake something!
Smoke something!
Help someone!
Walk with someone!
Listen to someone!
I hope all of you will have a creative and fulfilling 2013!
Love x

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