Friday, December 28, 2012

Four Christmas Trees for 1012

This year I had four Christmas trees.
(I had my own silent competition)
This one was a polystyrene cone I bought last year.
I used gel medium, old book paper, flat back pearls,
paper twine and some glitter.
It was the part of the centre piece on my dinner/studio table.
Then I saw an idea in a magazine an my grandma's
blue ladder was the victim! It was perfect to put all the gifts underneath.
I also went GREEN and gave some plants as gifts. 

For the last 20 years this was our tree, made form an old pine book case
my sister used to own.
 I couldn't just leave in the store room and not let it
be part of Christmas this year.
But we decided to paint it white and
all the decorations looked so much better on the white.
Then this little one for a coffee table.
This one is from Green Grass Design.
It has a bit more of a Valentine feel to it,
but I added a few candles and small baubles,
and it was perfect.
I would love to see all the pictures of your trees.
Send me an email and attach a photograph
of your tree, and I would love to put it on our blog.

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