Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The glitter tray and rack..

Some tools are must haves, other are nice to haves.
This is a nice to have, verrry verry nice!
A non-static tray, a brush and a drying rack.

With the Sizzex's dies I cut a few Christmas trees.
Scored them and folded them in half. I took 3 three trees and
glued them back to back. Then I added glue to the edges.
The next step was to sprinkle some
glitter over the trees and put them on the rack to dry.
It was super easy to get the excess glitter back into the little bottle.
I used the trees on small craft envelopes which will
be put on each guest's dinner plate as a decoration
on Christmas day.
I haven't planned the menu.... but the decorations are all sorted!

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