Saturday, December 8, 2012

A coat of paint and a new look.

A girl must have her own set of tools....
I like my sander, in fact I have two. A Black and Decker Mouse and an old green thing
that takes me for a ride all over the place. (or piece of wood)
But it still works well, although I had to check with my husband
about the sparks that I saw inside the green machine one late afternoon.
So my project was to sand down my two studio tables and paint them a good colour.
 a GOOD COLOUR...... can spark a big debate....
I sanded the tables and gave each a few coats of paint, then my mom and dad
came to visit and he asked: "Did you sand in between coats?"
"of coarse, dad....."
Ok, then when the tables were back in the studio, it was time for the numbers! 
Each one of the six seats had to have a number.
I used stencil glue to keep the numbers in place and
 Dala's white craft paint and a stencil brush did the rest. 
So when my birthday came, my table was ready.
I must still find someone that will do the cooking, so I can just do the decorating.
But this time it was a lot of fun and hard work, because I had to do both.
I found some place mats and stripy paper bags in a "good colour"
that matched perfectly.
Candles.... always candles and fairy lights to create the right atmosphere.
I think it turned out perfectly and the new colour for the tables
is a big change. Now for the rest of the woodwork to be painted!
And there's lots!


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