Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Kitchen Closed" Twinchie Canvas

 Some of you may remember this project from a Soul Sisters class we did in 2011.
 An 8" x 8" stretched canvas was covered with paper from the Sweet as Cherry Pie range by Webster's Pages.
Because of the lovely wording on the bottom left of the patterned paper, we decided to decorate only six squares to fill up the upper right-hand part of the canvas.

 The six twinchies were cut from craft card-stock and matted onto dark red card-stock.
Each square measures 2" x 2" when completed.

1a to 1c.
Stamp flowers onto a small piece of calico, rouge and staple to one of the squares,
place oven mitts cut-outs strategically over the staple and finish off with a spatula brad.

Stamp "RECIPES" onto top of a craft square and place recipe card cut-outs below.

The jam jar image is from a paper napkin (serviette) and the circle text from a stamp by Just Rite.

Stamp a tin image to upper left of square and place a strip of brown patterned paper below.
The mini bottle can be filled with spices, dried herbs or even a secret recipe before attaching it to the square with silk ribbon.

Stamp an image of a coffee pot and a teacup to upper half of a craft square and place a strip of red patterned paper below to mimic a tablecloth.

Stamp image of an apron twice to left-hand side of last craft square and staple a strip of turquoise lace to the right-hand edge.

Attach the six twinchies to your canvas as per the photo at the top (or in whichever pattern makes you happy).

 Mat "Kitchen Closed" sign onto red card-stock and then onto the same patterned paper used for the canvas.
Attach two picture hooks to the bottom of the canvas and punch two holes into the top of the sign.
Use string to tie the sign to the canvas.

I cannot think of a more appropriate time to hang this in my kitchen!?

Here's wishing you all things wonderful and creative for 2012
and Thank You for your support and feedback.

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