Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chrismas Garland.

This wooden utensil garland was inspired by a picture in
the TUIS magazine's booklet from a month ago.
Almost everything I used on this garland was bought at a
local craft store, Herannies in Centurion.

 You will need: Berries and roses, glitter, gold leaf and paint.
Ribbon, raffia and glue. Two wooden circles and of course
10 large wooden spoons, 10 forks and 20 small wooden spoons.
Two wooden stars.

 The extra wooden circle is to lift everything off the table, so you can
work better and the handles can stick better to the circle.

I used Dala construction glue to stick down the wooden utensils.
Arrange the large spoons and the forks on the circle 
before you start gluing them down, one by one.

For the second layer, I used the smaller spoons and the inner circle is bigger than the first one.
Use enough glue, because it is only a small part that really sticks to the circle.

To hang the garland I took some ribbon and put it through
the circle before sticking down anything else.
Tie some raffia around the roses and berries.

Cover the entire angel with Zig two way glue,
let it dry and lay the angel down on the gold leaf.
Tear off the extra pieces and brush with a stencil brush.

Paint the large star with green craft paint. Let it dry.
Then paint with a layer of gel medium and sprinkle with clear glitter.
Glue the two stars together.
You can use a glue gun or construction glue for the berries and the roses.

 There you go.... almost done, just add the little angel.
Happy Christmas everyone!
Thank you for all the lovely comments and
support through the year, love you all!

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  1. this project is so wonderful! i love it!!!! simple and gorgeous! thanks for sharing!!!! i think i am going to make mine with a cool coffee pot in the center and keep it up all year round!!!! sending hugs to you and yours!!!!