Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Something Old

I like old things, it always has a story.
The room in La Cascade was a space that was ours for a week.
A space that has been used many, many, many times before,
because the house dates from the 17th century.
Just think about the stories the walls could tell....

Here are a few images of the doors and windows in the area.
The pink door is a big favourite. On the door are a few bears.
Every time a new baby arrives, they add a new little bear.
The last photograph is of a "griffie en 'n lei" next to a door,
where you leave a welcoming message,
or your visitors leave you a message when no one was home.

This is a post card I bought from the artist, Peter Welsford.
He drew the pink door house and he lives a few doors down
from where we stayed in Rue des Martineurs.
I love his sketches.  

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