Friday, July 15, 2011

The book we made from scratch

One project we had was to make a book. For that we had to take along the front and back cover of an old book. Not the spine, just the two covers. The rest we made throughout the week. Dale took us to a "Clean Your Attic" market in Lautrec. There we looked for stuff to complete the book. Beautiful tourist brochures, fabric, ribbon, old jewellery, buttons etc.
Benice and I found gorgeous french linen for the covers.
It is linen to die for....
I decided to use the book as a memory book of what we did in class. Notes on tips, techniques and ideas. At the moment everything is still in a file.

On the inside there are signatures, pocket, envelopes, brochures, tags and postcards.

For the inside cover and first page of my book, I used a map of the area.
Look for the word in pink, Durfort, then there is a little arrow that shows you where the little town is.
Do you know what a "pigeonaire is"? I didn't.

They used to keep Pigeons in here.
There are quite a few of them that has been restored and they are so beautiful.

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