Sunday, July 24, 2011

The food of France

Our stay at Durfort with Dayle was a gastronomic feast...

Apart from staying in Gwen Gibson's amazing house, La Cascade, with its light-filled studio, spacious bedrooms, glorious patio and inviting dining room, we were also blessed with the effervescent Nese...  

She was our personal chef and "provider of great food" for the duration of our stay.  Lunch and dinner were events and not just something we did in-between our outings and classes with Dayle!?
(FYI - Dayle and Nese also facilitate workshops on
The Art of Cooking

The local farmers' markets pay homage to the joys of cooking with ingredients that are "in season".

Nothing beats juicy tomatoes,

berries bursting with anti-oxidants,

or crunchy radishes...

On our second night in Durfort, Dayle took us to a lovely restaurant in Soreze, Le Tournesol (the Sunflower).  Gigi - the chef, has owned the establishment for over 40 years, and also uses the space as an art gallery, filled with artwork from artists handpicked by herself.  You can see some of the artwork in the collage above.

Elna & I both opted for the Duck Confit (photo top left) and we were not disappointed!?  For dessert Elna "fell" for the Chocolate Fondant (photo bottom right) YUM!!!  Unfortunately my Creme Brulee was a huge disappointment, but it looked great.

Go to Dayle's post on Le Tournesol to read more on this  restaurant...

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  1. Stunning pictures . All the fruit at the market looks delicious