Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bonjour Madams et Monsieur !

It has been a week since we are back. Our mixed media art course in France was from the 17th to the 24th of June, but we both stayed a bit longer. Benice took a photography and culinary trip in France and I went to Switzerland to visit my friend that lives in Speicher, Appenzell. Two words come to mind if I think about the trip....

Information OVERLOAD.

Why, I don't know, maybe because I was ready for this or maybe because I was scared that I would never do something like this again and that I must experience every little detail in full colour, sound and smell.

Durfort is a small town with only 3 streets, a quiet place with a river that runs through it. A water fountain where everyone fills their water bottles with cold mountain water and a church bell that warns you that it will be ten o'clock in two minutes .....and two minutes later.... that it is ten o'clock!!

One thing that I really hoped for before the trip was that we would be able to hear the sound of the water while we work in the studio. And we did!! We could see and hear the little waterfall from the studio window.

The house is ideal for living and working like we did. Here are a few glimpses of how I tried to capture the feeling and atmosphere of the house.

The studio upstairs on the second floor was warm and inviting. Everyone had a work bench and a storage space. Never crowded.
The food that Nesse prepared for us was unbelievable. Dinner time was a feast and an occasion.

There are still lots to tell. All about about the places we visited, the books we made, the people we met, the nightmare I had, the food we ate and so much more. If anyone asks: Was it worth it? The answer is: YES!

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