Monday, January 31, 2011

The Honey Factor[y]

My Honey decided a few years ago to start farming with bees. (that's besides his day job, the cattle he keeps on a farm and the earthworm "factory" at my back door)
So last week Thursday, it was time to harvest. He came back with this.

This was put in my laundry....... yes, were we normally do the .... laundry!

Bee farming mostly takes place during the night, because then the bees don't fly and they are all at 'home'. Harvesting also takes place at night.

OK, so this ended up in my LAUNDRY,
inside each box are ten frames, so 70 frames had to be processed. 
The process includes: Cutting the honey comb from the frame and putting it in a small container.
Or capping the honey comb and spinning the honey from the frame and then
bottle the honey after it rested a day or two.

We ended up with a 108 tubs of honeycomb and 40 bottles of honey and honeycomb.
All of this happened in my kitchen, which was verrrry sticky this morning.

The honey was sold today and all that are left are these that still needs to be filled.
My Honey was very tired today, because last night he worked until 12 o'clock.  
My kitchen has recovered (not fully) but,
my laundry is still a no go area for the washing, or me
 or the dog.....


  1. ~*Hello!*~
    Bee keeping in the house?!

    I used to eat a lot of honey when I was little.
    It was one of my most favorite 'food groups' :o)
    I cannot eat it now, but just seeing all of it is making my mouth water!

    I am hoping that if you haven't already gotten it that Benice gets the parcel I mailed very soon.
    I sent it in such a way that I'd hope the two of you could divide it up and share it all by choosing the pieces that you each like best.
    You can find a preview of part of what I sent to you on my blog.

  2. Oh my gosh, what a delightful post... don't envy you with all that stickiness in your kitchen. If I lived closer, I'd buy some of your honey... it looks divine. Sure makes a lot...hmmmmm yummy!