Monday, January 3, 2011

A wonderful time

Our 2 weeks holiday at the seaside,
 (which I spend with my husband, our dog Vlooi and a few friends)
was quite busy but I enjoyed every minute. It was a fourteen hour drive to the coast, and it was Vlooi's first holiday with us. 
The weather was perfect!
Not everybody would agree on that one, but if the morning mist and rain kept you in bed until nine, 
you had no choice but to get some rest. Then there were days that were like champagne, with not even a hint of wind across the water.
Vlooi then enjoyed it like this ..... taking over my spot in the sun.
Then there were times that you had to take a nap and she would join you. 

Outside the weather would then look like this!!
This is the view from the deck, you are supposed to see the sea, but it was to misty and rainy. The region had a two year draught which was broken this December..... so the weather was... perfect!

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