Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The desire to travel.

One of my rules are:
A girl should always have a cold beer in her fridge and a valid passport in her safe!
That is besides the rule that you should always have enough money to be able to fly TOMORROW!
I always go a wild colour of green when I hear of anyone traveling to Europe,
but next year it will be my (our) turn. Eating the wonderful and sometimes strange food,
enjoying the small and interesting shops. Seeing the wonderful handmade products......
Visiting the local markets and the impressive old castles.

My friend Alida moved to Switzerland in 1983 and we used to send each other letters, stacks and stacks of them. Later I've learned to type and we send emails. Now we communicate by phone or we skype, but an air mail letter will always remind me of those precious letters I received in the post. It was a difficult time in my life. My best friend living in Switzerland, we living on a nature reserve, miles from anything and I was struggling with infertility.


 But she is part of a huge family and she came to visit all of us as often as she could,
I have only been there three times, but I am going to visit her next year in June/July. I can't wait.

It will be Opera season in July in Switzerland and as we quickly talked this morning, she said that she will get us tickets to the opening night of the Open Air Opera in StGallen. As a hobby, her husband sings in the opera, so maybe he will be singing that night.

With the cat semi out of the bag... yes, Benice and I will be traveling to France next year and spend a week in Durfort, after that, she will be traveling the rest of France and I will go and visit Alida in Switzerland.

As a good team works, I created this double page and Benice provided the photos.
It was from a previous trip to France......say no more.... I am going green again!


  1. Thanks for sharing this interesting post. You lucky girls! Just turned a very dark shade of green here...lol Not to worry... my turn will come one day (hopefully when I'm not too old). Can't wait to read all about it.

  2. What a wonderful trip to look forward to. You will be there in no time with the world spinning as fast as it is the time will go so quickly until you travel. Happy planning...