Wednesday, July 7, 2010

49 Today!

Today is my 49th birthday!  The last time I am forty-something...

I am grateful for all the countless blessings and special people that have graced my life, especially my friends, family and the people that I've met through my creative endeavors.

This is the birthday card that Elna made "Just for Me"...

Don't you just love how she has used a heart-shaped pin?

Thank you for your role in making this an extra special day...


  1. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Bernice. I saw the notification on RSA. Somehow didn't put the name and your blog together - silly me. Hope you enjoy the last of the 40's, turning 50 isn't that bad! A super card. I love my hatpins too but have not seen a heart shaped one before. You must find out where this was purchased and let me know. Blessings, Sharon

  2. Baie geluk Benice, mag jy nog baie jare gespaar bly! en iets wat iemand saterdag gese het" pas daai hande op hulle moet nog baie werk en baie mooi goete maak!

  3. Nouja Be-nice, dan hervat ons maar weer op 50! Fancy meeting you up on the interwebz! Ek sien jys 'n besige bytjie! Het op jou blog afgekom deur die Hobby-X ding waar jy gaan teach! Is jou cell(ery) nog dieselfde, ek moet net bel! Mail my by
    BTW - Happy B-day!