Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tissue Paper Rosette

I am for ever gathering tissue paper! Why I don't know. But you can decoupage with it, stamp on it, make flowers out of it, wrap gifts in it and when you are hungry, I am sure you can eat it!

Here is the: How to make a paper rosette out of tissue paper.
Tissue paper of your choice
 Wide double sided tape
4cm circle punch
thin double sided tape
2.5cm circle punch
 craft paper
small scissors

Punch a 4cm circle out of craft paper, cover it with double sided tape and cut out again.

Cut a 5cm strip of tissue paper, put down some thin double sided tape on one edge.

Fold the paper in half.
 Now remove the backing of the tape and press down on the paper.

Fold the strip of paper in four and make small cuts into the paper,
but not on the side of the double sided tape.

Cut along the whole length of the paper.
Open it up.

 Remove the backing of the double sided tape on the circle.
Start laying the paper down on the outside of the circle and
make a small fold in the tissue paper every cm.
In that way it is easy to form the circle.

Lastly, punch a 2.5 cm circle from another piece of paper.
Add some ribbon underneath the circle before gluing it down.

Now you can even make a whole bunch of them and string then up.
Have a go at this, it is super easy.


  1. So pretty !!!Ek het dit probeer met skoon koerantpapier wat ek op gedruk het, hy is ook lekker sag. well done!

  2. Love your tissue paper flower. Thank you very much for the tutorial on how to make them. May your week be full of bliss...