Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Under African Skies

It is hard to think that you can get in your car, drive for 5 hours, and be surrounded by the most amazing wildlife...

Here in my beloved country it is exactly what we did during the last week! Leon (my husband), Willem (a dear friend) and I went to Sabie Sands last week to take photos and catch up on some much deserved personal time. The trip was coordinated by Outdoor Photo - a local photography outfit that specialises in arranging outings like this.

We stayed at the Elephant Plains game lodge where the game rangers are particularly accommodating in taking photographers "up close & personal" to the Big 5 and other creatures. Their guest suites are  beautiful and the food 2 di 4!?

With the Soccer World Cup happening here in South Africa at the moment, we met lots of tourists from all over the world.  They used their "free time" between games to visit our game parks and soak up scenes like this...

The three wildlife photos were taken by Leon (on the right). Just look at the size of the zoom lenses that they used!?

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  1. What amazing photos, I am extremely jealous, I can't imagine what it would be like to be able to experience such natural beauty in essentially your own backyard.