Monday, June 21, 2010

The middle of winter.

It was so cold this past week, but today we need to celebrate, celebrate that we are halfway through winter!
Winter to me feels blue, my toes quite often turn blue, and sometimes winter makes me feel blue,
 so I've chosen this blue picture that I love, to celebrate the day.
 So have a glass of gl├╝wein tonight to get rid of the cold. Cheers!

The soldering class on Saturday was great,
we all enjoyed the different projects
and more photos will be posted after Wednesday' class.

Here is a peek of what we did to the crystals.
Remember the glass of wine tonight! 
Keep well. 


  1. If your winter is half over does that mean our summer is also half over? Today is our first day of Summer officially. Love your soldered crystal holders. May you feel warmth as you create.

  2. Wow, you girls have been busy. Love the crystal holders. Hmmm, I am loving winter. Lekker snoesig by die huis. Take care, hugs Sharon