Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Felt Mobile

On Sunday we took the trip to fetch my mother in law.
The round trip took us eight hours.
She will be spending the holidays with my sister in law.
Because she has Dementia it is not always easy and there are challenges.
She also spends hours in her room at the old age home which 
she shares with a room mate. 
To brighten up the room a little bit, I made this butterfly mobile.
It still needs the strand from which it must hang and maybe a few beads 
to catch the sun. But hopefully it will brighten up the window a little bit.

The red and blue flowers are both needle 
books for my Crafting friends. 

I am still finding my feet in the free style embroidery
field, but I am enjoying it. It is relaxing.
I think I now understand why women loved ( and still love )
the craft of embroidering and crochet so much.
All the small cloths made by grandmother and 
aunt, they are all cloths of sanity.....
They did it to keep their sanity.

It reminds me of the pin:
I knit so I don't kill people.

Keep crafting is all I can say!


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