Thursday, October 30, 2014

Christmas Market

Getting ready for a Christmas market that runs for ten days was hectic. 
And still, I don't have a clue what will sell and what not.

We put up the stall and table on Tuesday and 
yesterday was the first day of selling.

These clip boards are my favorites. Both landscape and portrait.
All of them stenciled! Some of them aged.

Then to add something cute to the table I also painted this small suitcase.
I think it belonged to my sister. It was hers in Grade 1. 
There is only space for your pencil and your lunch.... and
maybe your jersey if you really tried hard.

Now again I am guilty of not posting the "after"
photos but let me tell you what I did. 
I painted the outside with 3 layers of paint. Waxed it and aged it.
On the inside I ripped out all the existing paper, sanded it lightly.
Then I painted it with one coat of white paint and decoupaged 
a few serviettes to the inside.

I will take photos and share it with you, because it is the cutest 
thing ever!

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