Thursday, May 8, 2014

Die cuts and Doilies.

Today I am sharing my last set of easy to make cards.
Since these I haven't made a set of cards. I have been too busy with
painting stuff and living life. At this stage I am also busy decorating the " powder room"
in the studio. The chair has been painted and the towel holder is now attached to the wall.
Now the curtain must come down and the clips must be finished off with
silver gilders paste.  In between I must still paint the shelf from the old studio so that it can go back
into the new studio.
The drawers and the wooden chairs must also be painted.
Maybe I am a bit overwhelmed.... 

I hope you like the new logo for the blog.
There was a choice between two, maybe I will still change it to the other one.
Keep Crafting.  X

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