Tuesday, December 17, 2013

French Blue

Any one that knows me, knows that I love blue.
Quite a while ago I made three cushion covers, but I still need two more
and I had to use blue. Blue Stencil paint and blue lace This colour was the closest to 
Woad and to me Woad is the perfect colour blue.


I could really sit and do this for hours, I just need someone to bring me 
some coffee once in a while! 

 I added a little bit of silver on the crown.
Then I took another design and did it in red. 

This is all the same colour red. Just add more or less paint.
 I will cut these two designs smaller and stitch them onto the bigger covers. 

Then I will add some ribbon and lace.

OK, now for the confession.... they are still under construction
and when they are done I will post the pictures.

What I have done in the meanwhile.... baked some Ginger biscuits,
some Soetkoekies and Lebkuchen. 
Completed the last card class for the year and wrote two 
articles and completed the two projects for magazines
 that are to be published in 2014.
That is why there were no blog posts.
Sorry guys! 

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